Nobody likes it when the preacher talks about money, least of all the preacher. The only problem with that is that Jesus talks about money a lot. In October we’ll look at four passages from Jesus’ teaching on money as we focus on stewardship and prepare to make our financial commitments for 2020.

Should We Tithe?

October 6
The first followers of Jesus grew up learning that God desires us to give up a tenth of our wealth. Did Jesus expect them to tithe as well? Is that still binding on us today?  Should a tithe be our goal? (Or just our starting point?)

Matthew 23:23-24
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Should We Save?

October 13

Should we save for the future? Should we invest in the stock market? Should we plan for our retirement? How do we know we have enough? (and should we do that before we give to charity?) Jesus tells a story of a successful man who has more than enough, and what happens to him the very night he opens up a new savings account.

Scripture: Luke 12:15-21
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Should We Pay Taxes?

October 20

They say the only things certain in life are death and taxes. (Good News: Jesus teaches about both!) When Jesus is confronted with the question of whether we should use our hard earned money to pay into a government we have no say in, he turns our attention to a deeper question: from where do we derive our true identity? Do we find our identity in our money and what it can get us? Or do we bear someone else’s image?

Matthew 22:15-22
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Should We Give More Than We Should?

October 27 

One day at temple, Jesus notices a widow woman who makes an offering of her entire income: two dollars. He applauds her offering and declares that it was more than the rich were giving because it was such a sacrifice for her. But was it really a good idea for her to give so much? Does Jesus expect us to give away everything we have?

Mark 12:38-44
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