Holy Week


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Palm Parade
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11:00AM Connections
Palm Parade

12:30PM “Eggspedition”
Kids Ministry Event

A Holy Season of Preparation


Lent is a holy season of preparation for the annual celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. For centuries, Christians have marked these 40 days with intentional practices of fasting, prayer, and study. The season begins with Ash Wednesday as we confess our sins, recognize our mortality, and reflect on our need for a Savior. In addition to our regular worship events, we will add some more opportunities to reflect upon the mercy of God in Jesus Christ.


One of our traditional events is our Lenten Lunches held every Tuesday of Lent. This year’s theme will be The Last Words of Christ. Every week, we will offer a meditation on one of the final words of Jesus from the Cross. These brown bag lunches will meet in the Worship Center this year as we eat, pray, study, and sing. This will be a meaningful pause in the midst of the week.


On Sundays our sermon series will be “The Last Day,” a six week series on the final 24 hours of the life of Jesus. As we move through each scene of that final day, we draw more closely to the passion of Jesus so that we can more fully understand the depth of his love for each of us. These events reach a climax during Holy Week as we begin with the joys of Palm Sunday, enter into the betrayal of Maundy Thursday, and witness the ultimate sacrifice of Good Friday. All of this prepares us for the matchless joy of Easter morning.


I hope that you put all of the dates and times of these special events on your calendar. It will truly be a blessing. We would also love for you to consider inviting your friends and family to join you this season. All of these events are also opportunities for us to share our faith and the hope we find in Jesus Christ.


May this Lenten season be a blessed journey to the cross and the Easter that lay beyond!


Grace and Peace,

6:00PM / Sanctuary
6:00PM / Sanctuary

6:00AM Sunrise Service
7:00AM Breakfast
9:00AM Traditions
11:00AM Connections

Sunday school will not meet and will resume on APR 19.


Worship Center @Noon

Please bring your own brown bag lunch. The UMW Circles will be providing drinks and dessert.

March 3 Rev. Sharonda Medina

“Father, forgive them..” Text: Luke 23:34

March 10 Rev. Dr. Ricky James
“Today you will be with me in paradise” Text: Luke 23:43

March 17 Rev. Dr. Ricky James
“Woman, here is your son.” Text: John 19:26-27

March 24 Rev. Dave Steveline
“My God, why have you forsaken me.” Text: Mark 15:34

March 31 Tommy Steadman & Tom Edwards
“I Thirst” Text: John 19:28

April 7 Rev. Dr. Ricky James
“It is Finished/Into your Hands”
Texts: John 19:30, Luke 23:46