Each week in Lent we will look at one moment in the last day of Jesus’ earthly life, reflecting on what happens, who is there, and, sometimes, who isn’t there.

March 1 (Holy Communion)
The Supper
On the last night Jesus spends with his disciples he reinterprets the ancient festival of Passover and offers a living example of what it means to be a servant of others.
John 13:1-14

March 8
The Garden
At the garden we see Jesus deeply grieving for what comes next. And yet, in spite of his grief he remains faithful to the will of his Father.
Matthew 26:36-46

March 15
The Courtyard
Jesus is taken to the high priest, and Peter follows the crowd to the courtyard. Peter stands by the dying light of a charcoal fire he denies knowing Jesus, while inside the light of the world is condemned by the leaders of Israel.
Scripture: John 18:15-27

March 22
The Palace
Pilate is a shrewd politician and a ruthless governor. He can tell when he’s being manipulated, but he can’t figure out exactly why.
Matthew 27:11-26

March 29
The Crucifixion
Crucifixion had two main purposes: punishment and deterrence. In Jesus’ execution the Romans had these purposes in mind, while God has another.
Matthew 27:32-37

April 5 –  Palm Sunday
The Aftermath
Theme: What can we learn from the hours after Jesus’ death. Who’s there, who’s missing, and what might we have done?
John 19:38-42


April 12 – EASTER!!!!
One Sentence
The Resurrection of Jesus
Luke 24:1-12