Sermon Audio​Dear Friends,

​Jesus Christ is Risen!

​While I know Easter was perhaps like none we’ve ever experienced before, the Good News is still true: Jesus has defeated death, and opened the way for us to walk to life eternal. I pray that you know this joy in your heart and that you made your home a sanctuary of hope!

​As we continue to “shelter-in-place” for the next few weeks, I wanted to give you a few updates.

​First, our church facilities will remain closed until further notice and all in-person gatherings continue to be suspended. Your church staff is still working, but may not be as quick to respond to emails or phone messages. A lot of our staff are balancing their full-time work with taking care of children, home-schooling, and caring for aging parents. Keep them in your prayers!

​Second, while the “shelter-in-place” order remains in effect we’ll be offering a single Sunday worship experience built of a variety of segments. Some of these will be “best of moments” from worship in the past, and prayers and sermons recorded from home offices or backyards. After the “shelter-in-place” order is lifted we look forward to resuming our full worship services online.

​Third, I’m excited to share the news that Sarah Kate Griffin, our Kid’s Minister, has agreed to extend her time with us on staff. She initially had decided to leave the staff in April after Confirmation to attend grad school full-time. In this time of uncertainty, she’ll continue with us to provide continuity to our kids and confirmands. I’m grateful for her willingness to serve in this extraordinary time and I promise we’ll still throw her a “thank-you” party when this is over!

​Finally, this coming Sunday, I’ll begin a new sermon series called, “Wisdom from the Wilderness.” This time of global pandemic feels in many ways like we’re lost, unsure where we’re going or what tomorrow may bring. Over the next three weeks we’ll look at several different stories from the Bible of people who found themselves in the wilderness. We’ll see what brought them strength and hope, and we’ll be reminded at how God brought them through. “See you” Sunday!

​Grace and Peace,