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Dear Friends,

My birthday is this week. I’m at that stage in my life that unless the age is a round number or qualifies me a discount, I don’t really think about it much.

But I have seen so many of my kids’ friends who’ve been celebrating birthdays in the midst of this pandemic and my heart goes out to them. No jump houses, no swimming parties, and no cupcakes at school! It’s tough to mark those milestones without the normal fanfare. But I’ve noticed how people persevere in spite of this: arranging “drive by parties”, singing happy birthday over face-time, and sending old-fashioned hand-written letters.

It reminds me that we will always find a way. That gives me hope each day. Even more so, as a follower of Jesus we should have extra hope, because in the midst of everything we have a God who makes a way out of no way; a way even through death itself.

If you’re missing a celebration this spring, whether it’s a birthday party, graduation, or a senior athletic season I know it can be discouraging. But you should still be proud of the accomplishments you’ve made. Our celebrations may look different right now, but soon we’ll be able to party like before! In the mean time, be intentional in reaching out to one another to say: congrats, happy birthday, or job well done!

Grace and Peace,