Dear Friends,

I’ve shared before that I teach in the Course of Study, a school for part-time local pastors. Most of these students are second-career pastors with full time secular jobs, while pastoring local churches. It’s a privilege to share with these students who have surrendered to the call of ministry. 

This past weekend was the first course of the spring semester, so I spent time with 18 students learning about Methodist history and Wesleyan theology. Like any teacher will tell you, I learn as much from them as they probably do from me! At the very least, every time I’m with them I’m energized at hearing how God is ministering through them to people across the states of Mississippi and Louisiana. 

Speaking of calling, our Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) interviewed and approved a member of our congregation to enter the process of discernment toward ordained ministry. This is one of the lesser known responsibilities of the SPRC, and one that is a holy privilege to walk along side someone considering the ordained life. While it’s not my place to share that person’s name while they are in discernment, I am grateful that we are a place that cultivates a culture of call. 

Which leads me to this offer. Perhaps God has been speaking to you about considering professional ministry. Maybe you are a student praying about what your career might be, and how God might use your gifts. Or maybe you’ve been at a secular job for years, but in your heart you’ve been ignoring a tug from the Holy Spirit for something more. In any event, I’m always available to talk about it. Maybe it’s just indigestion…or maybe God is calling you to a great adventure of service. In any event, I bet you’ll feel better if you talk about it. So, let me know, my door is always open. 

Grace and Peace,

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