Dear Friends,

We had a great day of worship this past Sunday! It was wonderful seeing the Sanctuary and Worship Center full of kids with their backpacks. We gave each one a bag tag to remind them of our prayers and God’s love this school year. We’ve got more tags available, so come by the church office and pick one up if you weren’t there!

This week we are resuming our Wednesday Night Meals and Programs. There are studies for kids and adults of all ages. Be sure to check out the options and find a place to learn and grow this fall. 

Because of the recent rise in COVID cases I did want to share a few items. We are reducing the number of tables we normally set out for meals and spreading them out more in the gym. We are asking you to try and only sit with your immediate family during the meal. Also, please refrain from unnecessary physical contact with others. While you may like to hug, others may be trying to keep their distance. So, rather than awkward moments, let’s give everyone a respectful distance. 

We strongly encourage all our children and students to adopt the practice of the Clinton Public School District and wear masks while indoors. We want to help our schools by keeping our students healthy and in school. We know that in-person education is critical and so we want to do whatever we can to help prevent quarantines and shut-downs. Of course, parents will need to make these decisions for their family, and we ask that everyone please respect the decision of others. 

We do expect that if anyone is exposed to, or tests positive for, COVID that they not attend in-person church activities until they test negative and/or end their quarantine. 

Our goal is to keep everyone healthy, at church and in school. The best way we can do this is to take advantage of all the recommended practices of masking, distancing, and personal hygiene. And again, if you are eligible for the vaccine, I strongly encourage you to ask your doctor if you are able to receive it. 

Stay Healthy, and Stay Hopeful!

Grace and Peace,

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