Dear Friends,

This Sunday we’re beginning a new sermon series called: FEAR NOT! 

I don’t know about you, but there are some things in this life that scare me. Little things like heights and spiders. And big things like: getting sick or what will the future bring? It’s natural to have fear, but it’s not good to let the fear overwhelm us. 

Over the next four weeks we’ll look at several passages from scripture where God tells us to Fear Not! Each passage teaches us not only why we shouldn’t be afraid, but helps us to understand what to do when we do feel that fear rising up. 

Also this Sunday we’ll celebrate promotion Sunday and pray for our students and teachers during Blessing of the Backpacks. While the start of school may look different for a lot of us than we had hoped, what doesn’t change is the assurance that God goes with us every day of the year! This Sunday will be a good reminder of that for our students, teachers, and parents. 

See you Sunday: in person or online!

Grace and Peace,

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