It was wonderful seeing so many photos of folks playing in the snow this week! I saw lots of happy kids (and adults) making snowmen and snow angels. While we don’t get snow very often in Mississippi, it’s a fun blessing and another way to see the beauty of God’s creation. 

Another blessing this week was celebrating the baptism of a precious child of God this past Sunday. Every time I have that privilege I’m overwhelmed by the mercy and love of God, that we are called through those waters into relationship with Jesus. That in those waters our sins are covered over like freshly fallen snow, leaving only the beauty that God sees in us. 

At the conclusion of both services last week, I invited anyone who hasn’t received baptism to consider making that step in 2021. No matter how old you are, no matter how good or bad you think you are, we are all welcome. Methodists will baptize at any age and we’ll use as much water as you want! So, if you’ve never been baptized, I’d love to talk with you about that. It’s a simple step, that makes a lifetime difference. Reply to this email or call the church office and ask for me!

In the meantime, enjoy the last bits of melting snow!


Grace and Peace,

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