Hey Friends,

This Sunday we will gather to worship, praise God, and share in Holy Communion. This weekend is also the 246th anniversary of the founding of our nation. As you celebrate July 4th with friends, family, food and fireworks; I also hope you spend some time reflecting on the freedom we have to worship as we see fit.

The sermon this Sunday will be based on Ephesians 2:11-22, where Paul reminds us that in spite of all the things that seek to divide us, both within the church and without, that in Christ, God was bringing about peace and reconciliation. I’ll also tell the story of two soldiers who served together, fought against each other, and what happened between them when the fighting was done.

Perhaps you have found yourself fighting with a sister or brother; struggling to find peace in the midst of conflict. You may think it would take a miracle to find reconciliation. You may be right, but never forget: God is in the miracle business.

See you Sunday,

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