Dear Friends,

Y’all- it is hot! Summer has definitely set in! 

I hope you feel free to dress comfortably during the summer (and really anytime during the year!). For the month of July in fact, I’ll be dressing more casually in worship and invite you to do the same. We’ll be singing a bit more and have a more laid back order in our services. I know many of you are traveling over the summer, but I encourage you when you are in town to join us for some great times of worship. 

Also this Sunday, our new associate pastor, The Rev. Katie Giedd, will be with us for the first time in worship. I’m excited for y’all to get to meet her and welcome her to Clinton. 

A great time to really get to meet her will be at our next Summer fellowship meal on Wednesday, July 7th. We’ll have a great time of food, fellowship, and entertainment by the Brickstreet Barbershop Quarter (featuring our own Tommy Steadman and Greg Gibson!). Make sure you sign up to join us!

I’m excited about the summer and hope you are too. Remember: stay cool, drink plenty of water, and go to church (we’ll have the AC on!)

Grace and Peace,


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