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Dear Friends,

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 8 weeks since we last met in person for Sunday worship. For some, I know it’s felt like 8 years! While the pandemic is not over, I wanted to let you know that your staff and lay leadership are working hard to ensure that when we do return, we do so in a safe and sustainable way.

Part of what makes that easier to do, is the strong financial position the church finds itself in. The church’s Finance Committee and other lay leaders have made wise and prudent decisions that ensure that all our bills are paid, our staff is paid, and the commitments we’ve made to our mission partners are being fulfilled.

I did want to take a brief moment and remind us how to interpret the giving numbers you see in our weekly emails. For instance, you’ll note that in this week’s edition we report a deficit of $60,314. It’s easy to read that and ask, “wow, we’re $60,000 in the hole, the church must be in financial trouble!” But actually, we’re just fine. Churches rarely collect their offerings in 52 equal amounts (although I’d love if everyone gave that way). Instead, some people give once a month, some once a quarter, and some wait until the end of the year. Many churches will collect over 30% of their entire yearly income in the month of December. And lots of Pastors hold their breath that month!

Likewise, churches don’t spend the money in equal amounts either. So when you see a deficit of $60,000 what that is telling you is the difference between where we are, and where we would be if we collected everything in equal amounts. And don’t worry, we never spend more than we have (we’re not Congress!)
If that is clear as mud, at least let me brag on you a bit. This time last year our deficit was $77,285. So, we’re not as far behind as last year! Also, in April of 2020 you gave 6.2% more than you did in April of 2019–and you did that in the midst of a global pandemic!

But, don’t stop now! Your continued generosity will become all the more important as we look to return to in-person meetings and live into the “new normal.” And we also have to understand that the economic challenges some of our people face will last months or years. We want to be able to respond to those in needs, particularly when it is members of our own church family. Never doubt the difference your generosity makes.
Thank you for giving and keep up the good work!