Dear Friends,

I do hope you were able to view our Graduate Sunday Worship service this past Sunday. I was particularly moved by the testimonies of several of our seniors about the impact the church has had on their life, their faith, and their call to serve Jesus. If you haven’t seen, make sure to visit our website to view the service, you will be blessed. 

As we reach the middle of May, you might be asking yourself, “any idea when we’ll be back together in-person?” It’s a question I talk to God about in my prayers every day! The Lay Leadership and Staff of the church have been studying, preparing, and listening. We’ve consulted recommendations from medical professionals, the Annual Conference, and visited with other churches to learn from one another. As a result of all that work, we have developed a four phase plan to re-open the church facility for in-person gatherings.  

In a separate email and video later this week I will share the outline of that plan. Of course, the plan assumes certain milestones will be met with regards to governmental regulations, Annual Conference policies, and local community decisions; which means some of it is still tentative. However, it is good to have plans and goals, as long as we all understand that things might change. We might be able to go faster or have to go slower depending on factors outside of our control.

What we still do have control over is our faith, which we can continue to place securely in the arms of Jesus. 

Remember, the building may be closed, but the CHURCH is still open for business!

Grace and Peace,

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