I do hope you were able to hear Alli Mellon’s presentation this past Sunday in worship. If not, you can always go back and watch our services online. Alli is the founder and director of The Hard Places Community, a ministry aimed at rescuing children from the scourge of human trafficking. Alli is one of several missionaries that our church supports through our annual operating budget. One thing Alli shared was her gratitude that all throughout the tough days of the COVID pandemic our church never once missed sending her our monthly support.

The reason is because of you. Your generosity allowed us to fulfill every commitment we made to each of our mission partners around the world. So, I want to add my thanks as well. Thank you for your continued support. This enables us to continue the steady progress of recovering from COVID. I hope that you are planning now for your year-end giving so that we can finish 2021 strong and enter the new year without missing a beat. 

Lastly, if you haven’t yet done so, please take a few moments and fill out your 2022 Financial Pledge (click on the link below). In just the first three weeks of our campaign we have collected 137 individual commitments. We only received 127 in total all of last year. We are excited that more people are returning to worship, more people are visiting, and more people are making an investment in what God will do here in the year to come. Make sure you add your commitment today, so that we will be prepared to share the Good News with even more people in 2022!

Grace and Peace,

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