Dear Friends,

This past Sunday afternoon, your church Finance Committee began its work to create the 2023 Budget. You have an amazing group of dedicated church members who take their work seriously and prayerfully. They receive the budget request from all our ministry areas, analyze current year giving trends, and make a best faith estimate as to what 2023 will bring. This process takes several weeks and many meetings. I would ask you to be in prayer for them during this important work.

In addition to prayer, something you can do right now to help in their work is to make your financial commitment for the 2023 budget year. The more accurate information the Finance Committee has the better decisions they can make. Historically, most people turn their commitment cards in on the last Sunday of October as a culmination of our stewardship campaign. But, with travel schedules and other life events you may not be able to be there in person. So, you can make your commitment easily online right now at this link:

Throughout the month of October we’ve been dreaming together about the church we could be if everyone made the commitment to generously invest in the ministries of our church. With all the uncertainty in the world today you have the opportunity to invest in the certain hope of Jesus Christ, and participate in the mission to share him in Clinton and around the world. Your financial commitment will make a significant impact in the lives of our children, youth, adults, and mission partners. Consider making your commitment today!

Grace and Peace,

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