This past Sunday in worship I shared in the sermon my belief that we are at an important point of transition in the life of First United Methodist Church. For the past 19 months we have been buffeted by the head winds of COVID-19. Like all churches across the nation, we have seen a decline in attendance and financial giving. Yet, despite all those challenges, we are still here. Attendance is beginning to grow again, children are being baptized, and each week more programs are being added back. What’s more, I believe that God has great things in store for us. So, the point of transition I spoke about, was moving from the posture of reacting to all the challenges, to being proactive about the future. From this point forward, we look to what God has for us next. 

But here’s where we need you at this moment of transition. We need everyone who wants to be a part of God’s future for First Clinton to make a financial commitment for the 2022 Budget. Your Finance Committee and other lay leaders are in the discernment process right now for what next year’s budget will be. That also means we are discerning what ministries and missions we will be able to strengthen and relaunch as a result. 

Starting this coming Sunday we will begin receiving our Commitment Cards for 2022. If you’ve always turned in a pledge, thank you, and I hope you do so again! If pledging is something you’ve never done, this would be a great time to start! If you are unsure of what your financial situation will be next year, please know that these commitments are non-binding. They are simply a faith estimate of what you hope to be able to give. 

I closed my sermon on Sunday by noting that this December is the 190th anniversary of the founding of our congregation. (By the way we’re having a birthday party on December 8th!) I reflected that those faithful charter members made an investment in God’s kingdom that they prayed would make a difference. You are the fruit of their prayers and commitment. Let’s all make a commitment this year that will set us on a path for many more years to come. 

Grace and Peace,

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