Hello friends! I hope you enjoyed Choir Dedication day on Sunday as much as I did; the song, “I”ll Fly Away,” is one of my favorites and I am delighted that we got to work it into the choir program. Music is such a gift, and I hope our various choirs in Traditions and our praise band in Connections know how grateful we are that they lead us through worship.

This week, we began hosting our town halls. I do hope you’ll make an effort to attend a meeting; please note that the same information will be presented at each meeting! We will not be recording the meetings, so make sure to find whichever meeting works best with your schedule.

This Sunday we will continue with our Inside Out series, focusing on an emotion that isn’t always fun to talk about, let alone experience: sadness. I don’t want to spoil the sermon, so I’ll leave you with one of my favorite facts about the Bible. The shortest verse in Scripture is just two words, and they are fitting for this week’s sermon: “Jesus wept.” – John 11:35. To know where we’re going with that, you’ll have to show up on Sunday!

Blessings this week,

Praying for you as we enter into the week,

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