Dear Friends,

This coming Sunday we’re finishing up our sermon series called Perfect Love. Each week we’ve been looking at how God’s Perfect Love reaches out to us. This love comes to us before we know we need it (we call that Prevenient Grace). This love brings us forgiveness and salvation (we call that Justifying Grace). And this coming week we look at how God’s love continues to work in us throughout the rest of our life (we call that Sanctifying Grace). We believe that following Jesus is a lifelong journey in which God’s Perfect Love carries us home. You can always catch up online if you’ve missed any of the sermons.

I’ve been encouraged by the steady fall of COVID cases in our state. We have definitely begun the descent on the downhill side of the Delta surge. For those who have been taking care of yourselves by staying home, please know that when you’re ready we’re here. And in the meantime, if you need anything (Upper Room Devotionals, Home Communion, someone to run an errand) just call the church and let us know!

Grace and Peace,

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