Hi friends,

What a wonderful day in worship this last Sunday. Erin finished our Inside Out series talking about joy, and about how we can find joy in the midst of sorrow because our sadness is not ever our final chapter. This is a promise given to us in Psalm 16, thanks be to God.

We received a note from our friends at Alta Woods – I’ve included it below for you to read. Thank you to all who donated water. There are many lives that will be touched because of your generosity. I love getting to partner with other Methodist congregations in our area; when we work together, the Kingdom of God shines brightly in the greater metro area.

Ricky will be back from Officer Development School, after graduation from the school on Friday, so I hope you’ll join us for worship on Sunday, October 2nd as we welcome him back with open arms. Maybe he will tell us exactly how many push-ups he had to do over the 35 days.

I pray you have a great week, and if I don’t see you on Wednesday evening, then I hope to see you on Sunday morning!

See you Sunday!

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