Dear Friends,

​Happy New Year! I hope that you had a wonderful time over the past few weeks celebrating Christmas and New Year’s. I also hope that you stayed warm with this sudden winter blast we have had!

​As we begin a new year, many people make resolutions and lists of intentions. This past Sunday, we began a new sermon series focusing our church on two ideas that I pray will become our resolution for 2022: Seek Jesus and Serve Others.

​For the rest of the month we will be looking at scripture and reflecting together in worship on how these two simple commitments can change our lives and even the world around us. In all that we do if we Seek After Jesus, we will find contentment and peace. Likewise, in response to his command, if we Serve Others we will find true significance and fulfillment.

In worship this Sunday, we’ll continue to look at this command, and we’ll have a special moment of commitment as we will invite everyone to remember and renew their baptismal vows.

So, as you are cleaning up from Christmas, putting away those decorations, signing up for a new Gym membership, and trying to eat better; consider adding just two simple ideas to your Resolutions for 2022: Seek Jesus and Serve Others.

Grace and Peace,

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