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Sermon Series

On Mission

Sermon Series: On MissionAs part of our 2022 emphasis on Seeking Jesus and Serving Others, we are beginning a new concept called Mission of the Month. Each month we will lift up and highlight one of the ways our church is in mission in the community, country, and...

Seek Jesus and Serve Others

Sermon Series: Seek Jesus and Serve OthersIn January we set our eyes on the year ahead and commit ourselves to a renewed vision for our church. In 2022 we commit ourselves to Seek Jesus and Serve Others. All this month, we will look at what scripture teaches us about...

Detangling Christmas

Advent 2021 Series: Detangling ChristmasSeries Theme: Life can be messy, like that big ball of Christmas lights all tangled together. But the Good News is that Jesus enters the mess of our life to bring us peace and joy. November 28, 2021 - Messy Families (Hanging of...

How to Be Generous

How to Be Generous - Sermon SeriesSeries Theme: We've probably all heard that Christians should be financially generous. But have you ever stopped to think "how"? What are the steps you can take to develop generosity in your life and become a more generous person...

Perfect Love

Perfect Love - Sermon SeriesWhat comes to mind when you hear the word "love?" You may think of Valentines' Day, with colorful hearts, roses and candy when you think of the word love. You might think of your family and the loving memories you share with those you...

Fear Not – Sermon Series

Fear Not - Sermon SeriesThere are lots of great reasons to be afraid in the world. We're afraid of the dark, of heights, or of snakes! We're afraid of getting sick, losing our job, or losing an important relationship. We're afraid of tomorrow or of the unknown. And...

Road Trip

Road Trip - Sermon SeriesLet’s take a summer Road Trip, journeying with early church as they took the Good News of Jesus on the road! We’ll take a trip with them and discover that sometimes the journey is just as important as the destination. July 11 - The Road to...

I Believe

I Believes - Sermon SeriesInspired by the commitments of our confirmands, this sermon series focuses on the basic beliefs of the Christians faith, as outlined in the Apostles’ Creed.April 11 God the Father, Maker of Heaven and Earth  The Word Became Flesh 1 In...

The Way of the Cross

The Way To The Cross - Sermon SeriesLent is a six-week season of preparation. A journey of determination. A long walk to the cross. As we follow Jesus along this path, we are invited to take up the Way of the Cross.February 21 “The Way of Temptation” The first Sunday...

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