Dear Friends,

What a great day of worship this past Sunday as we welcomed 10 students into full church membership through confirmation. As they each professed their faith in Jesus Christ I was reminded about the holy privilege we have to share the good news of Jesus and teach the faith to each new generation. That was reaffirmed later that evening at Youth Group as we celebrated out Seniors who are graduating. We heard stories and words of wisdom from their time in youth group. We then ended the evening laying hands and praying for each of them. From beginning to end it was a powerful day at church.

This coming Sunday, we will begin a new sermon series on The Book of Hebrews. This letter is actually a sermon! So I encourage you, if you have time, try and read it in advance! We’ll be looking at the who, what, where, when, and why of this powerful witness to the person and work of Jesus Christ!

Also, it’s Mother’s Day! So don’t forget!

Grace and Peace,

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