Dear Friends,

It has turned cold! I hope you stayed warm this past weekend and the winter weather blasted through. We had a little issue with our “vintage boiler” this Sunday and did not have heat in the Worship Center. It was cold!

I have to admit, I was annoyed that the boiler went out. It was frustrating to not be comfortable. But as I thought more about it, I realized how often I’ll let little inconveniences disrupt my focus on the truly important things. Someone will cut in front of me in line at Kroger, and add a few minutes to my wait. I’ll go to McDonalds and the ice cream machine is “not working.” Someone will sit at green light too and prevent me from making the light. Nothing earth shattering, just little inconveniences that bring frustration. Does that ever happen to you?

However, when we take a step back and look at our many blessings we do have, the little inconveniences should fade away. We’re privileged enough to have money to buy groceries. I probably don’t need that ice cream anyway. I’m probably rushing too much, and could use the extra time to slow down. And I can choose to not let the little inconveniences of life steal my joy. And most inconveniences are just temporary anyway!

In any event, I’m happy to report that the boiler is now working and we plan to have heat this weekend! I hope you stay warm this week and join us for worship this Sunday!

Grace and Peace,

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